Dial A Ride

KATS is committed to providing safe, convenient transportation options for all residents. We are proud to announce the new and improved Dial-A-Ride service.

What is KATS Dial-A-Ride Service?

Dial-A-Ride (DAR) compliments the existing transit system by providing curb-to-curb, next day transportation service for Kingsport seniors age 65 or older and also for residents with a permanent or temporary health-related condition. Please note that all of our vehicles our wheelchair accessible.

Dial-A-Ride service operates within Kingsport’s boundaries. To get started, simply complete the application or call KATS at (423) 224-2613.

Dial-A-Ride ADA

DAR ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) service provides shared-ride public transportation that complies with ADA requirements. All DAR ADA eligible customers must be certified by the transit agency before scheduling a ride.

Details and Application for DAR ADA

KATS Van Service for riders with disabilities

Dial-A-Ride 65+

DAR 65 service provides shared-ride public transportation to seniors that are age 65 or older. Proof of ID required for riding all KATS services.

“How to Use Dial-A-Ride 65”

  1. Register-Simply provide your name, address and phone number.
  2. Schedule a Trip-Call the day before you want to take a trip and provide the time and the address of the location you want to go.
  3. Prepare For your Trip-You must have correct fare, as drivers cannot make change. A Medicare card or photo identification with your verified age must be shown at time of boarding vehicle.
  4. Return Home-Simply Call KATS for a return trip home and the next available vehicle will be sent to pick you up.

Kats van service

What is the cost for Dial-A-Ride?

Dial-A-Ride ADA trips that are scheduled within the designated ¾ mile fixed route Dial-A-Ride zone are $2.00 each way. *** zone fees apply

*** Zone fees: Any trips scheduled outside the ¾ mile Dial-A-Ride zone will require you to pay a zone charge based on the location of the desired trip. Zone charges vary, so we do encourage you to check with the dispatcher when scheduling your trip to determine the appropriate fare.

Dial-A-Ride 65 trips are $3.00 each way for scheduled trips that are within the designated ¾ mile Dial-A-Ride zone. Beyond this zone, additional zone fees will apply.

Please Note: Correct change is required and must be paid upon boarding the service. For more information on KATS Fixed Route and Dial-A-Ride services, visit our Fares page.

See KATS Fares

How to use KATS Dial-A-Ride

1. Become eligible for Dial-A-Ride.
• To use Dial-A-Ride ADA services, you must be certified as eligible. Please complete the application to begin!  Download and complete the application now.

• To use Dial-A-Ride 65, simply be of the age 65 or older and call 423.224.2613 to begin.

2. Schedule your trip.
Schedule a trip by calling 423.224.2613 between the hours of 8 a.m  and 5 p.m., Sunday through Friday. 

Should you need to cancel your trip, please contact KATS at 224-2613 at least one (1) hour before the scheduled pick up- time. Any trip not cancelled at least one (1) hour before the scheduled pick-up time will be considered a No-Show trip.

3. Be prepared for your trip.
We encourage you to be prepared for your trip 30 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time. Drivers will only wait for 5 minutes before the trip is considered a no-show.

4. Plan and schedule your return trip.
To schedule a return trip, call 423.224.2613. Schedule a “will-call trip”, so the driver can pick you up. Please be patient “will-calls” do take time, and we will be there to get you as soon as possible. The last call request for a return trip home will be at 5 p.m.

How to apply for Dial-A-Ride

Fully complete the application and mail or deliver to:

KATS Transit Office
109 Clay Street
Kingsport, TN 37660.

Please note: Only applications that are submitted with all sections completed and intact will be reviewed for eligibility.

Download Dial-A-Ride ADA Application



For application in Spanish, please click here.

TTY Telephone Information for persons who are hearing impaired:
If you have a hearing or speech disability or use a TTY, please use the FCC 711 dialing code to access a Telecommunications Relay Service that can forward your comment.


Click here to learn more about Dial-A-Ride.

DIAL-A-RIDE Job Assist

KATS Dial-A-Ride Job Assist service is an origin-to-destination transportation service that is available to those individuals who are Dial-A-Ride Job Assist Certified and reside in the City Limits of Kingsport. Individuals may be eligible if they do NOT qualify for Dial-A-Ride ADA or Dial-A-Ride 65, or are unable to access the KATS regular bus route service and are in need of transportation to and from work.

For more, Please review the Dial-A-Ride Policies and Overview